Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Road2CA - 2008

Remember when I said that I will put those photos of the quilt show into a slideshow? Well, I did attempted to do it but couldn't figured how. I think I have to use an outside source to do the slideshow then add it onto the blog. But... I've been a bit busy so haven't had a chance to try it. If anyone out there know how to do it, please, please, please, gives me some tips.

Anyhooo, I thought I will share another quilt from the show that I thought was very interesting.
It's a montage! You've seen it before... it's where they take lots of little square photos and collage those photos into another subject.
This quilt is called "Angel of Peace" 69"x84".
It has 11,400 - 3/4" square pictures printed on fabrics then pieced them in blocks, then quilted around each photo square.

Close-up shot.

Then there's this one... it stirred up a lot of discussions... what do you see? A skeleton or a rope?

In person at first glance, like everyone else, I thought it was the skeleton that we're looking at until we read the title "Nude with Rope". OH? There's a rope? Why is the rope inside the body? So the questions went on. It took everyone quite a bit of time to see the rope. Of course, the rope shows up much better in the pic.

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