Friday, January 18, 2008

A Fun Day!

Cheryl and I headed back to Road to CA today.... not to work, but to see the quilts and shopping. We arrived before 10am, and already the parking lot was packed with cars. I had to park across the street from the convention center.

The first thing we did was to go see the winning quilts. We only had a sneak peak at them on Wednesday. WOW!! They are spectacular! I took lots and lots of pictures... will have to go through them and post some tomorrow.

We had a wonderful time looking at beautiful quilts and chatting with other quilters, non-quilters, and even their spouses. Were there more men attending the show this year? Cheryl pointed it out to me. It seemed so!

Of course, we also did a little of shopping in between here and there and managed to put a dent in my

Some red and yellow FQs to add to my stash, more black & white, white & black since I used up the ones for the mystery quilt, stencils, AND brown/pink sets of FQs for the NEXT mystery quilt. Yes, you heard me right! Bonnie has decided to do quarterly mystery quilt, and the next one starts on April 1st.

Back to the show, I think we covered only half of the exhibit before we realized it's lunch time, and we're starving. It took us another half hour to get out to get lunch because we got distracted quite a bit on the way out. lol

After lunch, we went into the other exhibit hall. We looked at the $100,00 Quilt Challenge... no photo allowed. :[ Something to do with the quilts already photographed for the magazine. Amazing quilts! There was one that I absolutely love. It's a scrappy quilt in neutral with tiny little blocks! Stunning! I'm gonna have to look for this magazine.

Before we know it, it's 2pm. Cheryl and I had to leave right at that moment to make it back in time to pick up the kids from school. Oh how I wished that we didn't have to leave; I need another full day to see all the quilts and more shopping. Oh wait, no more shopping... I already hit my limit. lol

As we were leaving, Cheryl said that she's so inspired to go home and do some sewing. Yes, Cheryl, that is exactly what you should feel after a quilt show like this. Go home and sew. Talk about sewing, I need to get going on the mystery quilt. Yes, the mystery was revealed the other night, and I only made one block so far.

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