Saturday, January 19, 2008

Road to Califorina-2008

I went through my photos last night and thought I would post just a few of my favorites today. There are a lot of photos that I would like to share with you, so I'm thinking of putting them in a slideshow. Don't know when it's going to be done... so StayTuned!

I love LoneStar quilt! Then to add applique to it... Spectacular! This one won first place in Outstanding Traditional Quilt.

Eventhough this Dear Jane quilt did not win any ribbon, I love the use of colors in this one...very soft, then the dark sashings and border add a punch to it. The photo didn't do its justice; this quilt has to be seen in person.

Close-up shot.

Cheryl and I happened to walk by one big booth when I spotted Ricky Tims. He was interviewing Cindy Needham for his podcast show. I didn't know who she is but was told by one of her student there that she an excellent quilter on a domestic machine. She was a featured artist there for the show this year.

I looked at some of her quilts on displayed, and they ARE wonderful.

Last but not least, this quilt speaks for itself. It's hilarious! Wonderful threadpainting!

Back of the quilt has carrots!

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Bingo~Bonnie said...

Don't cha just love going to quilt shows! I went to one this weekend too but it was a much smaller show than the Road to CA. Only thing was that I left my digital camera at home :(

I love that Lone Star with all the applique! It really compliments the star so well... What a treasure someone has created... oh to be so lucky and have her for a mom or grandma ;) ~bonnie in SE Texas