Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our First Cruise

AURGHGHGHG... it bounds to happen sooner or later, John gave me his head cold that he has been nursing all week. So I've been taking extra vitamin C, eating alot of citrus, and lots and lots of soup to combat this cold. Hopefully, the kids won't get it before they head back to school.

Finally, I have uploaded pictures and learned how to use the new scanner. Why does it take me so long to learn how to use anything that has a cord and computer chip in it?! Oh yeah, I'm technology challenge! lol I tried to scan some photos last night and couldn't get the @%#$! scanner to cooperate with me for like 30 minutes. So John came to the rescue and in a minute, he figured it out what to do (it's his first time using it). Apparently, it wasn't the machine, it was the USER!! *LOL*
Sorry about the rambling.... here are some photos of our cruise...

This is the ship that we were on, the "Monarch of the Seas"..... No, we did not take this picture.

You're probably wondering why we decided to go on a cruise between Christmas and New Year and WITHOUT the kids. Well, it happened that our good friend, Valerie, turned 40 and her birthday is on Christmas Day. She never had a real birthday party, so Armand, her DH, gave her a birthday party that she'll never forget. And it was a blast! What a way to celebrate your 40th and first real birthday party!

It was a three night cruise down to Mexico. We arrived in Ensenada on Saturday morning, and the whole birthday party moved onto land to do some shopping and continued with the celebration. We rented some golf carts for the 12 people..
Do we look like we are the tourists?! *LOL*

Birthday Girl is on the right..

Here we are before we hit Ensenada. That is all I can show for Mexico because you know what they said... What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico! *LOL*

On Sunday, we were back to the seas with the ship just floating there. That's when the seasickness sorted of hit me or is that from Mexico? *LOL*

Cute towel monkey that our room attendant made for us.

Group photo.... on our last night.

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